Agency Relationship

I will be working on your behalf as a buyer’s agent. My fiduciary responsibility will be to you; not the seller. I will represent you and your best interests as we set forth those parameters together.


The art of listening may be the most important skill an agent needs to possess. Your wants and needs will evolve throughout the process of finding you a home and I need to stay keenly aware of what you want. I need to continue to listen to you in order to focus on your priorities, show you homes that meet your criteria, negotiate according to what is important to you and offer relevant advice.

Time is of the Essence

Timely response is very important in every aspect of the client/agent relationship. You will have multiple ways to reach me; cell phone, office phone, my assistant and email. I respond quickly to all.

If a new home that meets your criteria comes on the market I need to make sure you know about it immediately. If we decide to write an offer I need to make sure I act promptly so we have the best chance to negotiate without multiple offers. When we put forth a contract on a home it will have contingencies; I need to make sure we adhere to them so the choices of how we act remain ours. Knowing the timing of each step of our process is my job.


I will be happy to recommend a lender(s) for you to interview to facilitate your purchase. It is an important piece to understanding how much you want to spend and how we need to structure your offer. I prefer this process be done early, if not before, we actually start looking at homes.

I can be as involved as you want me to be in this process. It is not necessary for me to be privy to your personal finances. I can and will have to be a link to your lender for proper and timely flow of information once we have an offer in place.

Defining your Needs and Search Parameters

This will likely evolve throughout the process. You will direct me with information about your likes and dislikes, your wants and needs and your non-negotiable, must-have, absolute requirements in a home. Accordingly, I will set up broad search parameters in the MLS to best capture any available home that will meet your criteria.

Staying on Top of the Market

Every morning I diligently search for all changes in your search criteria such as new listings, price changes or properties just under contract or officially pending or sold. I will share them with you via email. In addition, if I feel, based on your criteria, you need to know about a property immediately; I will follow up with a phone call to make sure you saw the email. This process keeps us informed of the most current market landscape and conditions in your specific criteria.

Scheduling Properties

We will view properties based on your schedule. We will determine which properties we want to see and I will schedule appointments accordingly. I am happy to preview properties for you to help with your personal time constraints.

Writing an Offer

By now you have a lender you are working with. If necessary, I will discuss any special parameters we need to negotiate with your lender.

In general, I will speak with the listing agent to understand the seller’s motivation. I will look for clues as to what is important to the seller in an offer; often times it is not just about price.

I will analyze, based on current listings, recently sold comparables, general market conditions and those specific to the immediate area and any additional factors that may play into our strategy for putting forth our offer. We will discuss all my analysis, as well as, all terms including offer price, earnest money, fees, inspection contingency, mortgage contingency, seller concessions, title company options, the closing date, possession for the seller, special considerations you or the seller may need, home warranties, inclusions and exclusions. I will advise you and negotiate on your behalf.

The Process of Closing

The days between an accepted offer and closing day can be stressful. I will work hard to keep this process smooth and successful. We will have an inspection and if necessary, negotiate the inspection, order an appraisal, monitor the mortgage process, receive and review title commitment, receive and review the closing papers, coordinate with any attorney’s, do a final walk-through of the property prior to closing and arrange and coordinate the actual move.


There is no such thing as “regular” hours in the business of buying and selling homes. Therefore, you will find I am also available to you on most evenings and weekends. Even still, there are times I will not be available. Therefore, I have forged into a business partnership with another very accomplished agent who will be available to you if I am not. I will personally notify you if this is the case and, most importantly, you will always be represented!

Communication between the client and agent is very important. I will keep you informed of all matters relating to your search and purchase as they arise. Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time.