Listing Sources

Your home will be listed in the MLS (multi-list system) for Southeast Michigan, the largest and most relied upon source of residential listings for agents in our area. I will periodically rewrite the verbiage, and change the photos included in the Listing Ticket to give it a fresh look. Based on length of time or changes in price, I may relist your home in the MLS to create the affect of a new listing.

Home Warranty

A home warranty will be placed on your home, at my expense, for seller’s coverage only. I will supply you with information on the home warranty so you may review the specific coverage.

Broker’s Tour

Your home will be featured on preview-tour for the Max Broock offices on the first Wednesday following the list date. This is to introduce and acquaint our agents with your home. I want to give all Max Broock agents the opportunity to have a private showing specifically for them. Feedback and suggestions on anything related to the sale of your home, including price, will be collected and shared with you.

Buyer Open House

These will be hosted at your discretion. Based on reported statistical information Buyer Open Houses do not generally result in sales. However, Open Houses are still a preferred source of advertising among many sellers and will be conducted at your discretion.


A traditional and appropriate sign will be placed on your property to indicate your home is for sale. The “For Sale” sign remains the single, best producing form of advertisement for residential sales.

Just Listed Cards

Two hundred (200) “Just Listed” postcards announcing the listing of your home will be sent to a specifically targeted group of nearby homes. Experience and studies show that those immediately around you often know of potential buyers for the area.

Internet Exposure

In today’s market, 88% of homebuyers begin their search on the Internet. The most visited and successful consumer site is Realtor.com. Because of the unique relationship with our company, your listing will have special enhancements on the Realtor.com website. Your home will also be featured on my website and the Max Broock website. I will maintain each site independently to maximize your exposure. Our agent MLS systems allow 25 photos and simplistic verbiage; the Max Broock website and my personal website allow 25 photos and extensive verbiage descriptions; Realtor.com allows 24 photos and ample description. Our MLS systems are rotated on a monthly basis to keep the listing “fresh”. In addition, on all websites, description verbiage, headlines, and scrolling text phrases are often edited.

The “Ilead” and the “First to Know” programs are unique web capturing systems to the Max Broock family of realtors. Both programs automatically send an e-mail to a prospective, registered Buyer whenever their criteria match your listing. The e-mail invites the Buyer to our website for the specific details and a photograph slide show of your property. We can track how many prospective buyers have received an invitation e-mail and how many viewed your specific listing. Your home will be listed on all major and many more websites.

We post all listings to Craig’s List with photos and verbiage. We can’t specifically track the number of hits, however, I can confirm buyer traffic directly attributable to this site.

Reverse Prospecting

Reverse Prospecting is a system we use to match your listing with buyers who meet the criteria of your home through their agent’s request. This list is reviewed consistently and used to communicate any changes, ie. Price, Open House or Broker Tours.

Facts Feature Sheet

A four-color, feature sheet will be created to showcase your home. This will include facts and attributes describing your home targeted for the potential buyer.


All showings will be coordinated through the Max Broock Birmingham office. Together, we will determine scheduling parameters. Access will be provided by a coded lockbox. We manage all showings through the software program called Showing Desk. This system automatically sends, via email, confirmation of the approved showing to you so you have a written reminder of the date and time the showing is scheduled for.


Receiving, analyzing and following up on feedback from the agent and their buyer after a showing on your home is an important piece in understanding if our pricing and marketing strategy is successful. In addition, this is how I maintain a list of potentially interested buyers.

Showing Desk automatically sends, via email, a request for feedback from the agent immediately following any showing. When an agent responds, I view the email then save and share it with you. Unfortunately, some agents don’t respond. If this is the case, we follow up with a phone call request for feedback 24 hours after the showing. If we still fail to reach the agent we make one more phone call request. Experience tells me that after the third failed attempt an agent is unlikely to remember the house and/or give feedback. All feedback I receive is shared with you.


There is no such thing as “regular” business hours in the business of selling and buying homes. Therefore, you will find I am available to you even during evenings and weekends. Even still there are times I will not be available. Therefore, I have forged into a business partnership with another very accomplished agent who will be available to you if I am not. You will always be notified if this is the case and, most importantly, you will always be well represented!


Updates reviewing all activity surrounding the sale of your home will be provided to you on a monthly basis. Showings/Buyer feedback, Advertising, Internet Exposure, Current Competition and Recent Solds will be recapped from the date of the last report. Suggestions will be offered and discussed.

Communication between the client and agent is very important. I will keep you informed of all matters relating to the sale of your home as they arise. Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time.